06:02 PM

Media Alert: Anaheim/OC Visitor & Convention Bureau (AOCVCB) CEO Pays Royal Bet Debt by Riding California Screamin' Four Times in a Row


Watch video or view photos of AOCVCB’s President & CEO, Jay Burress, as he rides the iconic roller coaster, “California Screamin’” at Disney California Adventure Park four times in a row to make good on a baseball bet he made with Visit KC President & CEO, Ronnie Burt, at the start of the ALDS playoffs. 


The friendly bet between Jay and Ronnie was on which local baseball team – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or the Kansas City Royals – would clinch the American League Division Series. And now we know how that series ended. The bet on the table included the losing President & CEO donning the opposing team’s jersey and riding his local theme park’s largest roller coaster as many times in a row as home runs hit by the opposing team throughout the series. 


As a stand-up competitor (and to honor his debt and the pride of Angels fans everywhere), Jay did dress up in “Royals” blue and ride California Screamin’ four times in a row as many local Angels fans looked on. Did he brave the coaster’s twists, turns and upside down loop without losing his lunch? Watch the video to find out: 


To download video/photos of Jay’s epic ride, visit: